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Secure Data makes implementing Row Level Security in SQL Server databases easier by implementing row level security as close as possible to the source making it easier and faster to implement a secure data solution.


Databases are great. They are chosen by thick and thin client applications as their preferred choice for persisting data.

However, a common requirement is controlling who has access to what data. Sure, you can restrict a user access to a table, and to certain columns in a table but this is often not granular enough.
A common scenario is the requirement to control data access below that level, for example:
The Sales Manager may be allowed to view the salary of the entire sales team, but should be restricted access to the salary for employees not in his Sales team. The normal solution is to create a view, but often the requirement is more complex, as team leaders may be allowed to view the salary of their team members but not other teams, so creating a new view for each team member becomes unscalable very quickly.

I built the SecureData project to address this issue, eventually it would be nice to include the ability to secure and control data access down to the column level in future versions of this application.


Another feature that is often lacking with databases is auditing changes made to data, with most being limited to telling you when and who last updated the row-which often is no help when trying to determine who edited a specific data value. SecureData makes use of features available to SQL Server to seamlessly audit the data and this all happens seamlessly without the user or the developer having to handle it.

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